When we are asked to design a home, we feel a tremendous responsibility to listen closely and do our best to understand who will be living in the home, how they themselves define “home,” and how the home will be used and lived in. We feel an even larger privilege when asked to design a lake home or vacation home, as we know how often these homes are treasured and held for years, possibly generations.

Lake Home Architecture

Lake Homes are all about their connections. Lake homes are designed to promote a simpler lifestyle, family gatherings, milestone events, and the lasting memories they create. These homes are designed to welcome family, extended family and friends for summer weekends, family getaways and holiday gatherings.

The design of Lake Homes have a strong connection with the outdoors, with their picturesque site lines to the exterior landscape, and “outdoor rooms” which extend the home’s function, and blend the interior and exterior as we know it.

There is also the connection to one’s self. These homes provide the opportunity to getaway, both physically and mentally to maintain a desired level of wellness. From outdoor spaces to enjoy, to indoor spaces that provide quiet and respite, and when desired, the quiet spaces that allow for the opportunity to “check-in” with the world back home, as we are learning to work remotely, but from within more comfortable surroundings.

We design timeless homes with exterior materials that won’t require the upkeep that charming homes of the past required, flexible spaces that can accommodate loved ones and friends, transparency through the homes to offer water views from many interior spaces, and easy access to the outdoors.

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