Virtually Immerse Yourself

Walkthrough our Second Floor Primary Bedroom floorplan found at Foxtown and two hundred Green below!


  1. Explore the Space: Once you hit the play/start button on the image above and it has loaded, you can explore the space by clicking and dragging your mouse (or using touch gestures on a touchscreen device) to change your viewpoint.
  2. Move Around: Move through the space by clicking on the circles/arrows that appear on the floor or by using the navigation controls provided by Matterport.
  3. Zoom In and Out: You can zoom in and out of the scan using the scroll wheel on your mouse or pinch gestures on a touchscreen device.
  4. View Dollhouse or Floorplan: You have the option to view a “Dollhouse” or floorplan view. This provides a bird’s eye view of the entire space, allowing you to easily navigate to different areas.